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Getting Oriented

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The following description is accurate in principle and describes the intention of this GroupsAlive site, its content and services. At the present time, the site is under active development and testing. Not all of the functionality described here is currently available.



Getting Started

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What the heck is all this?

This website,, is a web portal serving a radically visionary organization. We are a unique virtual learning community and community of practice created to "change the channel" in healthcare today. Radical new ideas and a radical commitment to actually using the good "old" ones are needed to protect our communities, families, and children. For the future. Now.

The site is built on the GroupsAlive collaboration platform. This system offers a unique set of tools and spaces that facilitate satisfying, valuable and effective group discussion and project collaboration. To help us work better as a community, it also offers access to a unique collection of valuable information, educational experiences, and opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

Does it have some kind of structure that helps it all make sense?

Yep, sure does. It is based conceptually on the idea of Communities of Practice . It is built on a foundation of spaces and services crafted to facilitate community learning, caring, sharing, planning, and action.

There are groups. Each group has a meeting space ... just like a room where you can go to see and do things. Each group space has a homepage. The homepages have a consistant "look/feel" to help you orient. Each has consistant links to the purpose, activities, announcements, membership, events, and productive sharings of the group

Not all spaces are created equal. There are ...

  • Shared and private social spaces
  • Shared and private common interest or learning spaces
  • Shared and private working group spaces

Distinguishing these spaces, and the purpose of our participation in them, helps to facilitate what we do there. We are more likely to succeed when our goals, purpose, and actions are aligned. Making sure we are in the right kind of group, for the right purpose, with the right people is a good start.

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What can I do here? What's available?

There are services and tools provided to help you connect and
socialize, learn, and work together with others on what matters most to
you and the world.

  • Wiki pages (collaborative webpages and personal scratch space that anyone can edit)
  • Blogs and forums
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions) and Help Desk
  • Drawing and charting tools
  • RSS newsfeeds on relevant topics of interest (stimulate your group's understanding of its larger context)
  • Calendar and Calendar Sharing
  • Feedback Tools (Surveys, polls, and point systems for rating community contributions)
  • Social networking
  • Project management tools

There are events

  • Collaborative learning expeditions
  • Workshops, classes, and seminars
  • Virtual gatherings - conference, meetings, social

There is content

  • Grassroots Healthcare Featured articles, links, pictures and downloadable content
  • Member shared articles, links, pictures and downloadable content
  • RSS newsfeeds on relevant topics of interest

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Why would I want to do these things?

Really simple. You want to change the world. You know that community
and the energy of dedicated groups of people can make that possible. Or
you hope so and want to see if its true. You want to be inspired by
what you engage in and accomplish valuable things. You love working
with other people. You are challenged working with others and want to
get better at it. Or maybe you just want to feel better while you're
doing it.

Maybe, just maybe, you want to create social art ... here, among your friends, in your family, in your community .... at the national level ... or beyond.

Really, it's a question for you to answer. Why would YOU want to do these things?

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How can I start to get involved? Whats happening and where? Whats the easiest way?

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I've got some great ideas and feedback. Where can I share it?

Try our suggestion box

or ...

our feedback page

What do you think I should be asking about?

What is a Wiki and why should I use one? Who cares anyway? Here's 15 good reasons !

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