Grassroots HealthCare - Long Term Goals

Leadership in Improving Quality in Healthcare Delivery:

(what can we do as Grassroots HealthCare?)

  • Empowering authentic community leadership in healthcare
  • Relearn/remember how to care about and take care of eachother
  • Learn about our local hospitals use of national and professional standards and best practices for care delivery
  • Advocate for community monitored adherance to these quality standards in care delivery
  • Generate ideas together for beneficial change
  • Collaboratively write a book of community stories and ideas how to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.
  • Engage, attract, connect and facilitate creative, collaborative dialog among stakeholders in healthcare quality.
  • Recommendations, Endorsements Consumer Ratings for hospitals and doctors who participate constructively
  • Certification / Seal of Approval
  • Awards / Rewards programs
  • Provide citizen/stakeholder review, evaluation, and consultation
    in construction, restructuring, policy, and reorganization processes of
    new and existing hospitals and care providers.
  • Advocate for:
    • Transparent recordkeeping regarding quality compliance
    • Individuals: Review care plans, progress/outcomes, concerns. support and handholding
    • Communities: Citizen review of procedures, policies,
      protocol, results. Collaborative quality program design. Require
      that healthcare organizations receiving direct tax breaks or indirect
      subsidy via tax dollar supported services provide monitored/monitorable
      quality programs. Accountability.


Empowerment: Collect, Share, and Learn From Stories of Health and Healing:

Our "Meta" story is about our Stories

Stories ...

  • Educate
  • Motivate
  • Reveal (create transparency ... example: uncover/discover problems and strengths)
  • Inspire with benefits that are possible
  • Inspire with examples of needs being met
  • Acknowledge the skill, strength, courage, vision, wisdom, responsiveness, compassion ...
  • Impact the world and create change. Some start and end wars. Some bring justice. Some provide evidence.
  • Bear wittness. Shed light on pain, suffering, and the institutions, practices and people causing them.
  • Bring and focus consciousness. They make action possible and
    effective by enabling conscious choices. Especially different
  • Provide peer visibility and recognition for excellence.
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