Grassroots HealthCare - On the Internet

It is THE place to BE if you are about changing healthcare. We are a node in the exponentially growing web of HealthCare 2.0, a participitory movement redefining what healthcare means in the 21st century.

This website,, is a web portal serving a radically visionary organization. We are a unique virtual learning community and community of practice created to "change the channel" in healthcare today. Radical new ideas and a radical commitment to actually using the good "old" ones are needed to protect our communities, families, and children. For the future. Now.

The site offers a set of tools and spaces that facilitate satisfying, valuable and effective group discussion and project collaboration. To help us work better as a community, it also offers access to a unique collection of valuable information, educational experiences, and opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

And, It is really about real people. All of us. People we've never met in our own communities. People whose stories we've never heard. People who care about their children. It is about being here, side-by-side, with so many others who care passionately enough about this cause that we can actually breathe life into it. It is about being inspired - together. It is about being acknowledged, valued. It is about creating change with the best team you could choose for the job. It is about being a part of history in the making.

It is part home. It is part workplace. It is part library. Part meeting room. Part learning laboratory. But, most of all, it is a smart, diverse, committed, effective, collaborating social network forming a hub for radical reform in healthcare.

As a place, Grassroots HealthCare is a browser enabled web venue for virtual collaboration, learning, and community activism in healthcare.
As an activity, it is about discovery, caring and contributing. About helping people in need. About helping a broken system heal and thrive.
As an experience, it is a rich public collection of news, content, services, and experiential learning and collaboration opportunities inspired and by the need to radically improve quality in healthcare

Many of our offerings will be perpetually free to all registered users while others may require a paid premium membership.
We hope to provide satisfying outcomes for our members that include:

* valuable learning related to leadership, groups, facilitation, conflict resolution, and more

* virtual experience and learning that can directly benefit our non-virtual daily lives

* mentoring and coaching for personal and professional growth

* shared experience for personal and professional growth

* social and business networking opportunities

* practice in matrix leadership skills

* inspiration

* new perspectives

* new skills

* and

Actual people, like these will be working on and behind the scenes to help make this all possible. They will be assisted by a social network infrastructure, and a variety of services integrated within GroupsAlive, a wonderful community building technology platform based on a content management framework called Drupal.

* Free "Lite" membership with subscription based and/or Pay to
Play "Premium" content and services supported by backend web

* Collaboration tools - Wikis, Blogs, and Forums

* Fun, practical and scholarly articles on related topics

* Media based elearning opportunities

* Experiential learning opportunities based on virtual social interaction

* Testing and personal skills assessment

* Co-create valuable content. Opportunity to contribute to and test new products/services

* Feedback center (for us and eachother)

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