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Grassroots HealthCare envisions and works for the compassionate, responsible delivery of quality health care. Health care that actually delivers both health and care. Unlike organizations working on grand master plans, we partner at the community level with hospitals to reduce mistakes, suffering and waste now. We focus on innovative approaches to learn, spread, and implement known methods that improve quality. We focus on patient-centered improvements that can be made now without crafting an entirely new system.
Our job is clear. We initiate and accelerate change.
We bring community concerns and solutions to healthcare partnerships that:

  • Eliminate unnecessary deaths
  • Eliminate unnecessary pain, suffering, and injury
  • Eliminate waste
  • Eliminate waiting for care needed immediately
  • Eliminate powerlessness and confusion

Grassroots HealthCare is a social network of like-hearted individuals dedicated to living as social artists. We transform the world through healthcare reform and inspire others to join us in this artistic gesture. We work together to educate ourselves about the problems, issues, and opportunities for change in healthcare delivery.
To paraphrase Ghandi, we are becoming the change we seek.
We are devoted to the quality of our inquiry, our actions, and our results.
We do this together - in compassionate, appreciative connection.
We do this now.


Through suffering and discovery, through advances, setbacks, recording, transmission, and thousands of years of painstaking effort, much is understood about how to care for and improve our health. We have made this enormous collective investment as a species - as a civilization. For this reason healthcare and access to our accumulated wisdom is a collective human legacy. Our birthright. For everyone. No exceptions. No limitations. No fine print. No exclusions.


We provide a nationwide forum for creative engagement with these issues. We discover solutions. We engage all stakeholders in our nation's healthcare processes. We invite change. We act together to make our vision real. We use our collective voice, insights, solutions, and connections to create fundamental change, accountability, and improvement in the quality of healthcare for ourselves, our children, and our communities.


In a radical redefinition of what healthcare means today, we do not simply press for change. Our traditional leaders in government, medicine, and the corporate sector are not where we can look to create change. Certainly, they will be involved in the change. But, in the new paradigm of participatory leadership, we are the power.


We are healthcare. How we change ourselves, our relationships with each other, and our actions toward each other is how healthcare will change. No one currently controls it. Some individuals and organizations have vastly more power, influence, and access to the levers of control. But no one individual or even one organization is in control. It is truly a complex living system. We can shape it and its environment. We can nourish and cultivate it. We can develop it. We can influence it.

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